Will Healthcare be part of the Presidential Debate?

By September 28, 2020Leadership

Will Healthcare take center stage at the presidential debate tomorrow night or will be overshadowed by focusing on COVID-19 and taxes?

This election results will impact Healthcare in the US for many years to come, however will it change voter’s mind?

None of the candidates has outlined their vision for the future of healthcare, however we know the following about each candidate beliefs and views about healthcare:

Trump Healthcare:

  • Trump believes that the states and private companies are better than government programs.
  • Price transparency will spark competition and consumerism.
  • Healthcare is an individual responsibility in which government policy plays a role.
  • Trump believes that ACA is a disaster but he would keep some of ACA popular protections like guaranteed issue, lifetime coverage limits and others.

Biden Healthcare:

  • Biden believes that healthcare is a fundamental right.
  • Access must be equitable and universal.
  • Biden believes that the ACA is sound policy with 20 million gained insurance coverage and is a suitable starting point for needed reforms of the system.

The debate tomorrow night is consequential because healthcare maybe in the spotlight. The question would the debate change voters’ mind or will be overshadowed by COVID and taxes?



Paul Keckley- Newsletter