Hear directly from those we serve:

CTI and its Physician Leadership Institute had a significant and positive impact on our physicians. Not only did they learn essential leadership skills, such as how to collaborate with others and think strategically, they were able to apply those skills immediately to projects that addressed important, real-world objectives for our health system.

Kim MillerFACHE, CEO, Beaver Dam Community Hospital

The partnership between the Iowa Clinic and CTI has provided us with an educational foundation for our physicians to meet the business challenges in today’s changing environment. Their experiential approach has allowed a unique connection to how the physicians can immediately apply leadership concepts into their professional and daily lives.

Ed BrownCEO, The Iowa Clinic

Dr. Edward Brown, CEO, The Iowa Clinic

Dr. Manoj Pawar, VP, Catholic Health Initiatives

Dr. Scott Nygaard, CEO, Lee Memorial HS