We invite you to hear from some of our graduates, as they share how CTI helped them and their teams transform into leaders.


“I have been in leadership roles for many years now and this was my first formal training and it was a gift!  The faculty are high quality, highly engaging, insightful and spiritually evolved pushing the boundaries of leadership to serve for the greater good!

My coach was assigned to me based on my personal leadership goals and to work with me in my struggles as a woman in leadership which was priceless!  My ability to strategize based on terrain, ability for having difficult conversations and building a trusting cohesive team have increased tremendously.

CTI team will have a special place both in my personal and professional development. Deepest gratitude!

– Javeria Kouser, Medical Director for Clinical Innovation, Reliant Medical Group


“The CTI Physician Leadership Institute was a great experience for me. Although IGary Kramer have been the President of Cambria Somerset Radiology for 14 years and a former past President of the Medical Staff, the program ran the gamut of leadership skills.  The format provided a combination of fundamental leadership principles for the new leader, and more nuanced discussion of hands-on issues for the established leader. The speakers were well informed, dynamic and engaging which provided for healthy discussion and role play. I highly recommend this program for both seasoned and aspiring leaders. If Lifepoint continues to support this program at its multiple hospitals, they are sure to reap the benefits of this new quality paradigm we are now experiencing in health care.  The more you engage the physicians and provide opportunities for them the greater the overall success of the Lifepoint Hospitals will be.”

– Gary Kramer, President of Cambria Somerset Radiology; Graduate, LifePoint Conemaugh Physician Leadership Fellowship


“I can’t say enough about CTI’s Leadership Fellowship! The lectures were relevant and engaging and the exercises really drove the lessons home. The opportunity to complete a 360-degree evaluation and have a personal coach make this far better than other conferences and classes I have attended. If you’re given the chance to participate, don’t hesitate. It’s well worth the time. You’ll learn about leadership; you’ll learn even more about yourself.”

– Mary Beth Hines, D.O. Chief Medical Officer at UP Health System



“My main goal was to promote the development and advancement of neurocritical care at Mission. To do this, I have directly confronted and entered into dialogue with several of the decision-makers for our health system, with some modest but promising results for future planning. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do this in the past.”

– Robby Hendry, MD, MS, Neurointensivist, Mission Health

A Selection of Written Testimonials

Thank you so much for the great job you did of facilitating the strategic planning meeting for Healthy Together’s Workplace Wellness Taskforce on Tuesday. Given the complexity of the issues at hand, I know our needs were challenging. Yet, you were able to skillfully pull information, decisions and timelines together to weave a manageable tapestry of achievable goals. You brought clarity to a very cloudy landscape, and as a result, I could see our participants gaining motivation to commit their organizations to key roles in our future plans. Everyone seemed at ease and comfortable sharing their ideas. Again, let me congratulate you for a job well done. You have certainly acquired several new believers for the “acceleration CTI brings to our community.

Healthy Together & Patel Foundation for Global UnderstandingSigrid Tidmore, Executive Director

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for letting us visit with you and learn from your crew. It was extremely helpful to us and we learned so very much. We appreciate your hospitality and your sharing of your knowledge and experience with us. We’re impressed with the leadership that you have developed… Everyone there is especially gifted. Please share with each of them our sincere thanks. Hopefully, we can have your crew on site here and help us develop our “Team For The Future. Again, thanks!

Phelps Country Regional Medical Center

I found USF’s Center for Transformation and Innovation to be a tremendous asset as we worked toward creation of a new department at the University. I am especially grateful for CTI’s personal leadership guidance and expert mentorship. These efforts were individualized to the needs of my department and my own leadership development; which will have impact for years to come.

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLARobert Pedowitz MD, PhD - Professor and Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

On behalf of the TRAIN team and especially from me, I want to thank you for the two meetings you have had with us and I can’t begin to tell you how immensely valuable they have been. Yesterday, in particular, the light bulb came on and we appreciate your diligence in being patient with us. We will be working on our “homework and I think it a good exercise in creating, even if it is a very tiny and early picture, of what might be possible. Once again, thank you for sage advice.

University of South FloridaPearl Bigfeather