Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee a return on investment and are confident we can help you succeed! 100 percent of our clients recommend us.

CTI stands behind the quality of our programs and service delivery. Should our client not be satisfied with service delivery at any point during the program, we will modify the work to the client’s satisfaction at our own expense, or the client may cancel the program with a 90-day written notification. 

Measuring ROI

Our proven return on your investment includes:

  • Acquiring New Skills = Improved Ownership = Better Collaboration = Increased Communication = More Efficiency = Better Service = Less Stress
  • Saving on M.D./Administrator Lost Productivity:  due to travel (minimum of two days of lost productivity per person/conference: 10 conferences = 20 days
  • Saving on Travel Costs: Minimum of 10 days of travel/participant (Estimate: $1,500/workshop/participant for airfare/hotel/food )
  • Retention of Key Physicians and Administrators: Prevent loss of revenue and recruitment cost
  • Engagement and Cultural Transformation

Here is a snapshot of Average ROI

  • 167% improvement in ability to lead others
  • 167% improvement in ability to work in teams
  • 125% improvement in ability to solve problems
  • 400% improvement in ability think strategically
  • 125% improvement in ability to communicate influence
  • 150% improvement in ability to deal with difficult issues
  • 80% improvement in ability to manage team and/or practice
  • 233% improvement in ability to impact revenue generation of department and/or practice
  • 150% improvement in ability to work with patients
  • 125% improvement in ability to work with clinical and administrative team members
  • 133% improvement in ability to work with executive team
  • 60% improvement in commitment to ensure institutional success
  • 43% improvement in loyalty
  • 400% improvement in willingness to serve in a leadership capacity at our institution
Average ROI of Leadership Training with CTI Leadership
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