How We Drive Value

PLI is 100% focused on developing healthcare leaders.

Our credibility is unmatched as the leading provider of healthcare leadership and transformation services. Our team provides rigorous, experiential learning that is custom-fit for each client. Partnering with us results in clear evidence showing growth, improved performance, and effective succession planning within healthcare systems.


We provide you and your organization with tremendous growth and value through:



We believe that everyone is unique.  Therefore, we offer a personalized approach that tailors each solution around the visions, missions, and goals of our client-partners.


Sustainable Results

We develop evidence-based solutions that deliver tangible results that can be measured to drive and ensure accountability, follow through, and sustainability at every level of the organization. Our client-partners experience sustainable behavior impacts in leadership, strategy and innovative, as well as defined outcomes and financial impacts.


Unorthodox Solutions

We seek the most innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges by integrating CTI’s core team with a global network of experts.  We are practitioners, not theorists.  We build unorthodox, comprehensive, and actionable solutions that separate our client-partners from the pack.


True Transformation

We strive to transform our client-partners by tackling the cultural issues impeding a change initiative so that the entire organization understands and is a part of the solution.  We pursue transformation at the individual, team, organization, and cultural levels.


Return on Investment (ROI)

We guarantee a return on investment. We document ROI through assessment of our client-partners knowledge and skill sets before and after partnering with us. In addition, we build strategic goals into each engagement through the use of organization specific, outcome driven projects that produce a tangible return on investment.


Our Academic Heritage

CTI/PLI was originally established by the University of South Florida Health to act as a transformation resource by providing leadership, strategy, and innovation services.  Today, as an independent company, our mission to transform organizations and their leaders remains the same, and our connection to academia is still strong. Many of our coaches and facilitators come from some of the most prestigious universities across the country, including USF, Duke, West Point, and Harvard.  Our affiliations with USF and other academic institutions allows us to tap a vast network of professionals to better meet the needs of our client-partners and to stay up-to-date on the latest academic thinking concerning leadership, strategy, and innovation.

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