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By disrupting traditional learning models, we are creating cultural transformation in healthcare.

What Makes Us Different?

Every leader, team, and organization is unique. Our solutions are customized to meet the distinct mission, vision, and challenges of each client-partner.

When Medicine meets leadership, everything changes: the culture, the care, the way we collaborate, and most importantly, outcomes.

We believe that physician leadership is not an “initiative”. It is the ENABLER of ALL other organizational initiatives.

An investment in developing physician leaders impacts the quality of patient care and the bottom line, as each physician develops a greater capacity to accept ambiguity, be an engaged change agent, and lead people collaboratively to deliver transformative outcomes. It is only through targeted leadership development that physicians will become deeply aligned with their organizational mission and engaged in bringing it into reality.

Faster, better, cheaper, and safer is impossible to achieve without a shift in the current leadership paradigm. We must now build the next generation of healthcare professionals who can successfully lead themselves and others through this transformation.

To be effective, physician leadership development efforts must be targeted, high quality, delivered on-site, and customized to the strategic needs and cultural terrain of each healthcare ecosystem. CTI’s Physician Leadership Institute does all of this, and truly engages physicians in rigorous, experiential learning that is custom-fit for the client. Through our programs and services, physicians learn to see themselves as leaders and embody the optimism and agility required to thrive in the landscape of modern healthcare. The result is evidence-based growth, increased engagement and alignment, and improved performance in achieving strategic goals.

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Our Trademark and Philosophy: The Second Curve

The Second Curve

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

We cannot create solutions for today’s problems if we use the same thinking and tools that generated them. We need a shift in paradigm. From a business perspective, this implies a radically new way of operating. Author Ian Morrison described this paradigm shift as “the second curve”.

After experiencing success in the first curve, both individuals and organizations can experience stagnation in growth and productivity. When this occurs the tendency is to go back to the basics and revert to traditional practices. The belief is that the same practices that contributed to the current level of success will ultimately have the same impact on future levels of success. However, future growth depends upon the individual or organization’s ability to successfully transition to a second curve. A transition of this nature can be challenging, and at times seemingly detrimental to the current goals of an individual or an organization.

This is where PLI comes s in: we help leaders and organizations accelerate and achieve a smooth transition to their second curve, where newly acquired tools can help leaders and organizations to not only survive but thrive in challenging times.

It’s not just about management skills; true leadership is about engaging the hearts as well as the minds of healthcare teams.

Organizations cannot afford to send physicians to general leadership courses; leadership development must now be context–sensitive and customized to the unique needs of each healthcare provider. To enable the transformation needed, vision, strategy and execution are essential. But they are not enough.  You need lasting commitment to and engagement in the mission, vision, and values from the entire healthcare team – at all levels of the organization.

Historical healthcare models of command and control leadership will no longer suffice. You can command people to comply, but you cannot command them to commit.  Healthcare leaders must be taught how to employ a “collaborative leadership” approach – one where they build the trust and relationships essential to inspire broad commitment. At The Physician Leadership Institute, this is not only what we teach, it is what we show in our work every day.

We invite you to start your journey with us toward healthcare transformation!

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