Leading Healthcare Professionals Online Academy

The Leading Healthcare Professionals Academy is a 3 month long online program designed to help current and emerging leaders enhance their people leadership skills within the context of healthcare.


  • Participants build their comfort and competence in the vital skills associated with leading people
  • Learn from faculty who are world-class subject matter experts
  • Develop a strong network of fellow healthcare leaders who support and inspire one another to attain exceptional results
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Six 1.5-Hour Live Facilitated Sessions

Interactive sessions utilize breakout rooms, small group discussion, case study analysis and practical skill practice

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms allow participants to meet in smaller groups for expanded discussion as well as 1:1 skill practice

Leadership Assessments

These tools are designed to provide participants feedback regarding their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity for personal and professional development

Optional Coaching

Professional leadership coaches guide the application of skills, concepts and information derived from the session during monthly/biweekly coaching calls


Session 1

Leading Healthcare Professionals: Building Relationships, Trust & Psychological Safety

Session 2

Know Self & Others: Recognizing and Leveraging Style Differences

Session 3

Adaptive Leadership: Leading & Communicating Across Style Differences

Session 4

Setting Expectations and Making Crystal Clear Leadership Requests

Session 5

Accountability Conversations: Giving Constructive Performance Feedback

Session 6

Reflection, Coaching & Personal Action Planning