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CTI also offers online leadership training that can be customized and scaled to fit the needs of your individual providers or in virtual groups for healthcare organizations.

This online training is comprised of sessions and webinars that can be delivered virtually with rigor and engagement and similar to in-person session, but without having to leave one’s home or office.

CTI’s online leadership training focuses on an array of healthcare leadership topics that are listed below. Online training courses can also be paired with one-on-one leadership coaching.


Benefits of Online Learning Format
  • Quick Learning Modules (30 mins – 2 Hours in Length)
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous
  • Zoom Broadcast Available for Multiple Facilities
  • Personal Growth & Improved Performance
  • Completely Virtual From Your Home or Office

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Leadership Presence in Times of Crisis

How leaders show up in the tough times has an enormous impact on how those they lead will respond. Leader behaviors such as guarded or defensive communication, absence of communication, and jumping to blame rather than problem solving, tend to quickly elevate fear and mistrust in others. On the other hand, leaders who communicate clearly, transparently and frequently, and display a strong and steady presence in the face of crisis, tend to engender trust and gain commitment toward a united course of action. In this virtual session, we’ll explore core actions leaders can take to build trust and accelerate alignment in the teams they lead.

Collaboration Through Crisis: Accelerating Team Performance in Tough Times

The promise of higher levels of performance and breakthrough results through teamwork, particularly during difficult times, is common but not often realized. This virtual session, we’ll explore the behaviors of high performing teams and how leaders can help accelerate the adoption of these when they are needed most.

Mapping a Strategic Response to Crisis

Leading through crisis, uncertainty, or sudden change requires strategic thinking, planning, and action. Leaders must be able to assess their changing landscape, look beyond their most immediate conditions toward what may come next, and formulate strategies that drive prudent action. During this virtual session, Terrain-Based Strategy™ (TBS) mapping will be introduced as an effective planning system that enables strategic leadership through crisis.

Clinician Leadership in Times of Uncertainty & Crisis

During a widespread health event, clinicians at the front lines of care look for strong leadership from their organizations, clinics and teams. The strong leadership needed during uncertain and tough times, requires proactive, rather than reactive, problem solving, exceptional communication skills,  and highly participative, rather than independent, work. In this virtual session, we’ll explore how to quickly adopt the vital leadership behaviors and mindsets needed to help others navigate and thrive through crisis.

Uncertain Times Call for Tailored Communication – Leverage Communication Styles

In uncertain times, people differ in how they process thoughts, communicate with others, organize their work, prioritize goals and approach problems. In this virtual session, we will use the DiSC© profile to enhance self-awareness and learn strategies to tailor communication, motivation and influence across diverse styles during times of crisis.

Leading Crisis Response Meetings That Drive Action

During crises, leading response meetings that drive action is key to coordinating action and solving problems. In this virtual session, participants will learn skills and strategies for facilitating highly productive crisis response meetings and group discussions.

Innovation and Process Improvement to Adapt to a New Normal

Challenging times call for methods that make better use of existing resources. Proven technique to identify and eliminate sources of waste, bring suppliers and customers closer together, and continuously improve flow and throughput. During this virtual session, we’ll present concepts for assessing and improving processes that can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and a greater competitive advantage.

Communicating through Crisis

During difficult times, the ability to engage in candid conversations about the issues that matter most is essential for leaders. Through this virtual session, participants will learn the communication foundations and practices essential for being able to address the tough issues in a constructive and timely manner.

Clinician Well Being in a Time of Crisis – Caring For Yourself So You Can Care for Others

During this time of crisis and uncertainty, clinician self-care is not just a “nice to have”. It is vital to their capacity to provide the best care to others. Clinicians, who were already facing a profession-wide rise in stress and risk of burnout, now face the pressures of today’s pandemic, they must prioritize the management of their own energy and wellbeing. In this virtual session, we’ll explore simple strategies for decompressing and recharging in order and preserve clinician wellbeing so they can continue to bring their best self to patients and colleagues.

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