The Heroism of Health Workers in the Coronavirus Crisis

By April 27, 2020Healthcare Heroes

Your Covid-19 coverage highlights the plights and heroic efforts of the countless health care workers on the front lines.

My husband — a recent kidney transplant recipient — and I have been struck by the mind-blowing dedication of his team. We spoke with one of my husband’s physicians yesterday, aghast at his description of the treacherous working conditions and amazed at his unswerving commitment.

To all the health care workers out there — doctors, nurses, technicians, medical staff, administrators, food service workers, pharmacists, security guards, our military deployed to set up hospitals and deliver aid — our nation owes you our thanks and our lives.

On March 30, National Doctors Day, could we all join together in a moment of solidarity, and take one minute, say at noon Eastern time, to stop what we’re doing, and just cheer, applaud, bang some cans, wherever we are, for all the selfless people who are endangering themselves and their loved ones for all of our benefit — then post a photo via social media? These heroes deserve our recognition and our deepest gratitude.

Source: New York Times

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