Wes Avants

Wes Avants
Executive Director

Wes Avants has a rich background in helping organizations and individuals through the process of transformation. With an atypically broad range of experiences and education, he draws from the best practices of organizational theory, counseling psychology, human learning, leadership, spirituality, emotional intelligence, and physical health to help organizations unleash the unlimited potential of their people.

Respected as an authority on people and workplace dynamics, Wes brings warmth, insight and creativity to his client relationships guaranteeing a highly satisfying experience. As a consultant, author, speaker, facilitator and coach he has positively impacted people in boardrooms and in the oil patch, in colleges and in warehouses, in non-profits, government, and professional organizations all across the USA and overseas. His emphasis on values in the workplace goes beyond easy answers and quick fixes to help bring about positive change to all levels within an organization.

His key strengths are in development and delivery of leadership training and coaching (e.g., Executive and Management Coaching, High Potential Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution) and development, implementation and assessment of strategic organizational transformation initiatives. Highly entertaining as a motivational speaker, Wes regularly addresses corporate audiences across a variety of topics including leadership, lessons from history, healthy spirituality, personal transformation, values and sustainability.

In addition to his work as an organizational consultant, performance coach, and speaker, Wes has been a sales trainer for a national real estate franchise, a college instructor in Psychology, a wilderness facilitator for leadership teams, lecturer for Russian universities, and founder of a non-profit organization addressing the psychological, social, and spiritual needs of individuals recovering from addictions.

His extensive and diverse formal education in leadership, organizational and personal psychology, and conflict resolution includes Columbia Seminary, Central Oklahoma University, Pepperdine University, and Texas A&M University. Wes is also certified in multiple personality assessment instruments, such as the Health DiSC, Social Styles (TRACOM), and Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis.