Tony Brigmon


Tony Brigmon's Experience Spans Being:

  • The former face of Southwest Airlines culture as their official "Ambassador of FUN"
  • Awarded Southwest Airlines most prestigious award, the President's Award (out of 2000 + employees)
  • 2000 + conference presentations delivered worldwide
  • Fun, high-energy, interactive & content-rich presentations

How does Tony do it?  FUNtastically! You are sure to enjoy Tony's unique, time-tested Energize-Engage-Enrich presentation format!

  • Energize with music and song and corporate-friendly, G-rated humor;
  • Engage with interactive fun and get-acquainted, team-building exercises;
  • Enrich with shared knowledge (Best Practices) with entertaining true stories.

Tony is a master story teller. Each of his entertaining stories has a point, followed by a best practice and ends with an invitation to action.

Tony specializes in the organizational use of interactive fun to generate fantastic customer service and workplace performance. Tony has an unmistakably humble but deterministic approach to creating a positive, fiercely collaborative, and super-encouraging "fun zone" for unleashing people, groups, and organizations.

Tony defines “fun" as anytime your brain is in the state ofthe positive (v.s. a negative, neutral or stressful state).  At Southwest, Tony learned that dealing with things in a positive way leads to enhanced morale, relationships, service and culture.

Even Harvard Business Review reports that when you're positive you're 31% more productive, 37% more persuasive, and 19% more accurate. And you're more adaptable to change.  That's real results.