Sean Sauber


Sean Sauber has spent the last 30 years working and growing across multiple careers and disciplines. Through all of this a common thread was developed - understanding how to deepen relationship between individuals and within groups to create space for creativity. His unique approach leverages his skills learned in a wide variety of context from film school to surgery to software systems development to university teaching.

Sean applied these skills in careers as an Orthopedic Physician's Assistant in trauma, sports and joint reconstruction, IT consulting work with “The Big Five”, multiple functions at Procter & Gamble, business development at a software dot com, to a college professor, and the last several years in his leadership and breakthrough innovation consultancy.

Sean’s innovation practice has spanned industries as it has included working on projects such as:

–   Hospital – Healthcare Manufacturer Partnership

–   Medical Device Development

–   Financial Services

–   Academic Innovation Process

He was a founding member of the Clay Street project at P&G. Described by AG Lafley in his book Game-Changer as "a place where innovation teams are built from scratch, connecting behaviors are the norm and the culture is courageous". His experiences and further training led to creation and execution of workshops for the development of creative cultures in organizations - Human Potential Workshops.

Having facilitated over 50 of the Human Potential workshops held for P&Gers from all over the world, he has experienced the trials and triumphs of building organizations to be more transparent and successfully self-directed by collaborative, yet independent, individuals.

He currently teaches Design Thinking at the New School of Design in San Diego and Breakthrough Innovation at University of Wisconsin. Sean received his BS in Allied Health/Surgeons Assistant from the University of Alabama Birmingham and his MBA in Concentration Information Technology - University of Texas at Austin.

Sean lives with his wife of 25 years, Wendy. They have a daughter Jenna and two corgis. He’s an avid road cyclist, sailor, rower, and photographer and enjoys hiking with his family.