Pauline Melnyk

Pauline Melnyk

As Positive Psychology and Narrative Leadership Coach, Pauline Melnyk provides a thought-provoking, creative approach with positive psychology interventions to the topic of Change Management. Positive psychology research intentionally focuses on what is right with people and what can be increased, help participants experience happiness, well-being and success.

Pauline has been engaging continuous training in practical, ethical best practices and tools that have been researched by scientists in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, strengths, story and more. Additionally, Pauline’s consulting, coaching and facilitation business is an Accredited Change Management Training Office based in Western Canada.

Pauline is a recognized leader, Change Management Practitioner, Accredited Trainer and Coach; she expands the options available for Managers and their teams in various types of industry, not-for-profit agencies, adult education and governmental departments. Working with a dynamic portfolio of over 25+ years as a business and human resource professional, Pauline works to impact the individuals on teams in a positive way directly, willingly collaborating and sharing knowledge in change management, creative problem solving, leadership consulting, group coaching, issues management and stakeholder facilitation.

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