Olivia Blevins

Olivia Blevins
Executive Director

Olivia Blevins is an Executive Director at CTI where she collaborates with client-partners across the country, managing relationships, devising strategies, and overseeing the successful implementation of leadership, strategy and innovation solutions.  Her passion is to help others look for opportunities out of tough challenges and deliver value to each person she engages with. Olivia is continually focused on co-creating solutions with her client-partners to overcome challenges and improve outcomes.

Olivia brings more than 15 years in healthcare, where she has helped thousands of hospital and ambulatory surgery center leaders solve complex challenges and improve their core delivery system.  Her professional experience has provided her with a keen understanding of the challenges that can occur in an ever-changing and complex healthcare system.

Prior to joining CTI, Olivia was President of an entrepreneurial healthcare company, Medisafe America, where she provided leadership, strategy, and vision to all of Medisafe’s US offerings and implemented innovative strategies that allowed for sustainable and measurable improvements in all aspects of the business. Through her leadership and product development, she cultivated an extremely successful team resulting in 39% sales growth and ever-increasing market share, leading to a successful acquisition by STERIS. In addition to coaching her team to exceed their goals, Olivia led and participated in onsite training and educational seminars throughout the United States and Europe.

Olivia attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC majoring in Psychology, which gave her great insight into individual, team and organizational dynamics. Olivia is dedicated to consistently improving herself, taking time to invest in professional and personal growth so she can better serve her clients and her team. When not connecting with clients, she’s connecting with her family and friends in and around Tampa, FL.