Lama Edlbi

Leadership and Operations Specialist and 360°Assessment Campaign Specialist

Lama is a Leadership and Operations Specialist, a 360°Assessment Campaign Specialist, and the Executive Assistant to the CEO.

As a Leadership and Operations Specialist, Lama supports the Client Managers in delivering commitment to the clients and participants in the Leadership Institutes and Academies including preparing for program sessions and related logistics. Lama also supports the Chief Content Officer in curriculum research and design.

As a 360°Campaign Specialist, she is responsible for managing the comprehensive 360°assessment, designing, launching assessment, analyzing feedback data, and providing final feedback reports to coaches. She works closely with our Leadership Institute participants to ensure the success of the campaigns.

As the Executive Assistant to CTI’s CEO, Lama manages the CEO’s schedule and supports his interactions with clients and demand on his time.

Lama brings more than 12-years of experience in academia and curriculum design and development. Prior to joining CTI, Lama’s previous roles included being a full-time teacher, curriculum designer and training material developer. She has taught in the United States and globally at prestigious institutes and universities like the International College, American University of Beirut and the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA where she worked with and trained diplomats on foreign languages and cultural sensitivity.

Lama has a Master’s in Education and Literature. She is fluent in three languages. She was a member of the Red Cross and enjoys reading, silk painting and traveling. Lama resides with her husband and young son in Frederick, MD.