John Lazar


John Lazar has been a performance consultant and coach since 1983, acting as an executive coach to CEOs, business owners, executives, senior managers, and solopreneurs for more than two decades. His background and expertise in psychology, adult human development, performance technology, organization development, coaching, business, and speech act theory provide a unique and rich perspective for understanding how individuals, groups, and teams operate within organizational settings.

He works with individual leaders and their teams, shifting their perspectives, motivations, and performance. The impacts are socially and emotionally intelligent leadership and management, enhanced trust, breakthrough execution, and business results.

In addition to his business coaching, he also consults to companies designing interventions, educating and facilitating on issues of leadership and management practices, communications, evaluation, executive team alignment, and culture change.

John has served client organizations in a range of industries including aerospace, environmental services, food manufacturing, financial services, manufacturing, medical waste management, oil and gas, professional services, pharmaceuticals, retail, and telecommunications, as well as federal governmental agencies and departments.

John is a founding member and past President of the Board of Directors of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO). He is actively involved in the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and is co-founder, owner, and Executive Editor of IJCO The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations®. In addition to writing articles and chapters for professional publications, he has made more than 80 presentations to local, national, and international audiences in the U.S. and eleven other countries on topics including human capital management, leadership and sustainable leadership, executive team alignment, management skills, coaching, blended interventions, coaching program design, emotional intelligence, communications, evaluation, and ROI.

John earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago and bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lake Forest College. He was certified as a Master Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 1999. He received his coach training and certification from Newfield Network and advanced training from the Institute for Generative Leadership. He is certified to interpret and debrief several assessment instruments, including the Birkman Method®, Hogan Personality Suite, and Emotional Competence Inventory. He resides in Forest Park, Illinois, USA.