Diane Scott


Diane Scott is an international consultant with a wide-ranging and extensive background in healthcare leadership, education, coaching, consulting and productivity. Viewed as a national expert with leadership development and a healthcare conflict expert, her recent healthcare clients have included the Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston, Veterans Affairs Medical Center and preeminent Hospitals throughout the country.

During 2013 and 2014, she spoke at the United Nations and has consulted and coached with United Nation leaders and country leaders from around the globe.

Starting her career as a nurse on the world’s first liver transplant team, she served under Dr. Thomas Starzl, recipient of the National Medal of Science, and quickly advanced her career to become the Director of Cardiology, Cardiac and Thoracic Transplant Surgery departments at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Her expertise increased during her leadership of the University of Pittsburgh Physicians Cardiology Practice and Cardiology Services departments.

Her experience includes tenure as the Director of Cardiology Departments with HCA Medical Center’s flagship organization, CJW Medical Center, Richmond, where she served as the principle lead in the design, implementation and leadership of the departments within the new hospital.

As the former Program Director for a national health organization, she led the initiatives in organizational conflict education and has authored over eighty national publications regarding conflict resolution, leadership development, performance enhancement and business strategy.

While serving as graduate faculty at Loyola, New Orleans, Diane also specializes in coursework in human resource management and advanced finance.

Diane lives in Virginia with her husband, Craig, and her daughter, Isabella.