Chris Steilberg


Chris Steilberg has practiced organizational psychology for over 20 years consulting in diverse organizations and providing thought leadership to academia. Known for his innovative, yet practical solutions, as a client once claimed: “Chris delivers results, not just with bold ideas, but also with a true understanding of what works in Poughkeepsie.”

While earning his PhD at Georgia Tech, Chris began a 15-year career in corporate talent management. Working in a variety of roles and levels for BellSouth, MCI, Coca-Cola, Burger King and Ryder corporations, he is well versed in organization dynamics and C-suite navigation.

As a thought leader in I/O Psychology, Chris has lectured at Spelman College, Georgia Tech and the University of Miami. His keynote address at the National Futures Conference addressed emerging trends in work and their implications for higher education. His jointly authored publication in The Academy of Management Journal, “Sure everyone can be replaced, but at what cost?” is credited with fundamentally reframing turnover research.

As a business consultant, Chris is most frequently called on for executive coaching, assessment for selection or promotion and talent management consulting. His breadth of experience and corresponding skill in change management enables him to deliver valued results, oftentimes to groups with historically conflicting interests.

Regardless of industry, size or business model, clients appreciate his business acumen, leadership expertise and consultative style. Most rewarding to Chris, however, is his clients’ appreciation simply that he’s there for them.

Outside of work, Chris values his time with social service organizations and charities. In addition, as a life-long learner, he continues his studies in high school and college as a research and teaching assistant to his two children.