Brian Tribus


Brian Tribus is a graduate of West Point and of Harvard Business School and has a passion for teaching and learning from others. He has facilitated team building workshops and leadership discussions for a variety of organizations that include Citigroup, the NJ State Chiefs of Police, and a major Chinese computer manufacturer, Huawei. Brian taught leadership, management, and marketing courses at West Point and is a contributing author of Leadership Lessons From West Point. Through his experience in the Army, Brian has become a firm believer in the significance of emotional intelligence – its impact on leader effectiveness and team performance.

Over the course of more than 23 years in the Army, to include 3 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian has led soldiers and served on teams at multiple levels, most recently as the Communications Director for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mission in Afghanistan. Brian also managed Army Strong marketing programs that earned several industry awards.

Brian lives in Kentucky with his wife, April, and their four children: Chelsea, Cody,
 Emily, and Ryan.