Bevan Gray-Rogel

Coach & Facilitator

Bevan Gray-Rogel is the President of Graylan Consulting, LLC, an Organization Development Consulting firm. Her consulting services help in assisting individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their effectiveness and performance. Prior to starting her own practice, she worked at John Alden Financial Corporation for 10 years in their Organization Management Development department. She has also worked for Jordan Marsh, E. F. Hutton, Legg Mason, First Boston Corporation, and Micro Brokers International. Bevan has over 35 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Development and Organization Development.

Bevan brings an in-depth understanding of the critical issues that leaders face, through her 20 years working inside various organizations (investment banking, retail, restaurants, computers, insurance). Some of her clients include: TECO, Tampa Tribune, Hillsborough County School District, Diebold, City of Fort Lauderdale, Citigroup, Capital One, GTE-Verizon, and Eckerd Youth Alternatives. She has been working with Center For Transformation and Innovation for over 9 years and has facilitated workshops for Physicians and Health Administrators across the country.

Bevan specializes in process consultations, group facilitation, change management, strategic planning, teambuilding, and leadership development. She partners with clients and client project teams to achieve desired outcomes and to transfer capabilities to the client and their organization, so that successful efforts continue beyond the consultant's project scope.

Bevan received her BA in Psychology at Lake Forest College and her MBA in Organizational Behavior and Development at George Washington University.