Becky Pollins


Becky is a passionate culture change leader who is genuinely committed to transforming healthcare organizations into ones that are focused on becoming patient-centric, change adaptive and world-class care providers. She believes that compassion opens the eyes of your heart to see beyond the words and behavior of the person on the outside…to the feelings and intents of the person on the inside.

Becky began her career in 1983 as a Registered Nurse after receiving her nursing degree from Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren, Ohio and she later received her undergraduate degree in Health Care Administration.  Throughout her tenure, Becky worked to cultivate a high performing culture through the application of change management, organizational development and performance improvement methods.  She is results oriented and has provided leadership for Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Process Redesign, Lean Production, Culture Transformation and Patient Experience Improvement.

Becky has also worked with physicians to standardize evidenced based practices. Prior to her responsibilities expanding system-wide, Becky led efforts to transform a 500 plus medical group, which included leading the physician leadership development program and has coached hundreds of physicians, advanced practice providers, leaders and staff.  She was the System Director of Cultural Transformation for large multi-faceted and fully integrated healthcare system and was responsible for leading enterprise-wide Patient Experience and Cultural Transformation efforts.

She is a natural leader who makes the right things matter most, creates high quality connections, is positive, happy and openhearted, makes others better by triggering their best instincts and moves others together to create great outcomes.    She is a student of the teachings of Fred Lee, Neale Donald Walsh and Larry Senn. She is certified in DiSC, Laughter Yoga, Personal Excellence and Inside-Out Coaching.

Becky is married with four children and lives in Cape Coral, Florida, U.S.A.