Physicians should be engaging with patients, not computer screens. Primary care doctors spend a total of 6 hours a day on data entry––a contributing factor to the 55% of physicians who experience signs of burnout. Reduce burnout for your physicians by hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant.




Our medical scribes work remotely during real-time, so you can be fully engaged with your patient. With no need for an extra person in the room, you and your patient can have privacy.

1. SET

Set the scribe to listen in real-time


Speak to your patient as you would normally. You are free to give your patient your full attention because our medical scribes will be entering all the information on EHR for you.


Review and sign off on the notes at the completion of the appointment. Notes are taken efficiently and accurately.


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• Improved Patient Experience and Better Care
• Increased Accuracy & Reduced Medical Legal Risk
• Decreased Physician Burnout
• Increased Joy of Practice = Reduced Physician Turnover

Scribe services can help your physicians save time and energy throughout their workday. CTI also offers physician leadership training to help your organization maximize its results and perform better.


5 Myths About Physician Burnout

“My experience with the virtual scribe service has been life changing! It has allowed me to focus more on the clinical work and most importantly the patient while in the exam room. It is like having a concierge assistant personally helping you document the quality initiatives. As a result, I feel less overwhelmed at work and more relaxed at home. I can’t live without it!” – Dr. Joseph Cozzolino, Florida Medical Clinic

If you would like to learn more about Medical Scribe Services and Virtual Medical Assistants

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