CTI uses a variety of assessments to map the internal and external terrains of our client-partner organizations. Assessments are useful in identifying emerging themes, customer trends, achievements, cultural and structural challenges, and the competitive landscape that can impact strategy. We have a sampling of these assessments available for you here.

The current statistics regarding physician burnout indicate that hospitals and health systems must take action in order to continue to thrive.

82% of healthcare CEOs surveyed said physician burnout is growing

Only 36% of healthcare CEOs said their organization had adopted programs to address burnout

Nearly 55% of physicians surveyed said they were experiencing signs of burnout

There are many causes of providers’ stress and burnout. While lack of personal resilience is one cause, we believe organizational well-being, including a culture of wellness, removing hassle factors and leadership, accounts for an overwhelming majority.

According to a recent study, hassle factors are a key source of stress and burnout in healthcare.

In a hands-on, round table discussion, CTI helps leaders craft a sustainable strategy to address individual, team, cultural and system challenges and prevent burnout.

Our unique systematic approach leads to reduced turnover, increased morale within the team, greater joy of practice, better coping skills and reduced hassle factors. Ultimately this process contributes to cultural transformation within the organization.

Download the full brochure about Resilience and Well Being: Strategies for Healthcare Leaders and Organizations to learn more about burnout and how CTI can help your organization.

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