COVID-19 Resources

The United States and countries around the world are facing today a major public health pandemic with the outbreak of COVID-19. In an effort to serve the community, CTI is maintaining this webpage as a way to provide information and resources to assist those navigating the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Throughout our history, CTI has provided training and support to transform organizations through Innovation, Strategy and Leadership. Today, we continue that mission, stand in solidarity with those affected by COVID-19 and remain committed to serving the community and our client-partners in any way we can.  We are in this together!

Empathy Resources:

Learn how to make selfie mask to show your smile. The Selfie Mask: Smiles to the Fore!

The best thing about all the masks people are wearing is that it saves our lives. The worst thing is that we can’t see smiles anymore! The Selfie Mask solves this problem by taking your smile from in back of the mask to the fore!