Projects serve as opportunities for applied training in hands-on, non-didactic environments. Projects involve collaborative work on strategic initiatives aimed at facilitating improvement or enhancing growth. They serve as vehicles for developing engagement as a muscle for future collaboration. Working in cross-functional teams or in dyads, participants have the opportunity to apply the leadership skills by improving upon strategic, operational or clinical issues, and drive tangible results for a return on investment.

Sample Improvement Project Topics:

  • Improving OR efficiency
  • Outpatient clinic access
  • EDM- electronic decision making-post EHR
  • Improving communication between hospitals and their physicians
  • Developing innovation acceleration processes
  • Developing a business plan for a new pharmacy school
  • Developing pay for performance process
  • Improving and sustaining hospital patient service culture
  • Transforming a service line

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While the work load for this project was a challenge, it was most rewarding. The driving force to keep the project moving forward was the impact we envisioned the new supportive care clinic to have on patient care. I will admit, I was exquisitely proud when we checked in our first patient and saw the project unfold into reality. Even more rewarding was the positive comments we received from the patients and the impact we are seeing on the quality of care our patients are experience.

Tena W. Messer, MSN, ANP-C, AOCNRegional Executive Director Cancer Care of WNC

The ROI of Improvement Projects with CTI Leadership Training