The Leadership Challenge

As health care moves toward value-based care, organizational success depends upon a culture committed to greater care coordination and collaborative leadership across the institution.

Yet, few physicians are trained as collaborative leaders who can contribute to the organization’s strategic vision and clinical care transformation.

CTI is dedicated to transforming healthcare organizations through leadership, strategy, and innovation.

Physician Leadership Training Program
Physician Leadership Fellowship Example

What’s In It for the Physician Leader?

CTI provides participants with the tools and insights to maximize their potential. They will develop a deeper understanding of organizational and healthcare market dynamics, conventional and unconventional strategies, and key levers for leading people effectively.

Participants transform into outstanding physician leaders, master new skills, and develop innovative leadership styles that enable them to lead with confidence.

What’s In It for Your Organization?

Investing in your physicians, will give your organization a competitive advantage. Graduated leaders impact the quality of patient care and the bottom line by developing a greater capacity to accept ambiguity, lead people effectively, and execute unorthodox strategies.

What Is Different About CTI?

  • Built by physicians for physicians
  • On-site program = no physician travel
  • A high-impact, comprehensive development format
  • Organization-based projects with tangible results
  • Personalized physician development plans
  • A sustainable transformation in leadership behavior
  • Practical, simulation-based active learning
  • Measured results with pre/post assessments
  • Graduates take on bigger roles
  • Continuing Medical Education credit (CME) (optional)
  • Cost-effective

What is a Leader-ist™?

A Leader-ist™ is a physician leader who has undergone our transformative, total immersion Fellowship program as part of the onsite Physician Leadership Fellowship (similar to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education/ACGME).

The result is a balanced leadership style that combines technical knowledge with leadership skills along the essential dimensions of our industry-leading physician leadership model. It’s about effectiveness (doing right things) and efficiency (doing things right) – with the heart and mind of a leader. Organizational alignment and performance are natural by-products.

Customized Topics

The CTI Physician Leadership Institute curriculum is fully customized and based on the needs of the incoming cohort.

Click here for a detailed list of our session topics and descriptions.

Suggested topics may include the following:


  • Courage and Character
  • Trust, Accountability, and Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptability


  • The Art of Leading Change
  • Healthcare Business and Financial Acumen
  • Physician and Organizational Alignment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Volume to Value


  • The Art of Collaboration
  • Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader
  • Communication and Influence
  • Leaders as Coaches: Effective Coaching and Performance Feedback


  • Healthcare Systems Thinking
  • Productivity and Capacity Optimization
    (Lean Six Sigma)
  • Patient Experience (HCAHPS)


  • Physician to Patient Communication
  • Patient Experience in ED (or other relevant departments)
  • Reducing Readmission

360 Assessment

An assessment tool designed to provide participants feedback regarding their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity for personal and professional development.

Simulation Based – Action Learning

Active, adult learning models place participants into real-life scenarios where they are directly responsible for the changes that occur as a result of their decision(s).

Mentorship & Coaching

Matching participants with a network of accomplished physician and administrator mentors and business coaches who are well-respected members of the medical community.

Personal Development Plans

Our Personal Strategy Map (PSM) is used to connect individual strengths and development opportunities with the feedback of and data collected from a variety of sources, including the 360º Assessment.

Networking Opportunities

Participants learn as much from each other as they learn from the faculty, thereby creating a strong support system and a network of colleagues and friends.

Strategic Action Learning Projects

Working in cross-functional teams, participants work on identified strategic objectives that drive tangible results for a return on investment.

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