Physician Leadership Training

As we prepare for 2020, we see that the the U.S. faces a watershed moment and we believe physician leadership training can help your organization.

At almost 18% of GDP, our current healthcare cost structure is unsustainable. The media headlines are bursting with stories and misinformation, often to the detriment of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare transformation is only possible under leadership provided by the ones who are the lifeblood of healthcare – physicians.

The paradox is that physicians who should be in the vanguard of this transformation are missing for a myriad of reasons and in danger of being relegated to the sidelines. The danger is that in the absence of physician leadership, healthcare transformation will fail to materialize or resemble at best a patchwork of temporary solutions driven by short-term thinking. This is why we offer physician leadership training.

Physician Leadership Training

CTI Leadership’s Pillars of Transformational Change for Healthcare Leaders

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Every physician leadership training and development journey is customized to reach the maximum potential of the organization as a whole and the individuals participating in our programs.

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CTI Leadership focuses on helping clients articulate a healthcare strategy map, guiding and empowering an organization to focus on the critically important aspects of business.

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CTI Leadership uses a modified Design Thinking as a powerful framework to break out of current paradigm.  Design Thinking is used to change to continuously innovate, and drive growth and customer loyalty.

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Why Doctors Need Physician Leadership Training


The physician leadership situation is dire:

  • 55% of providers report moderate to high level of burnout.
  • Only 10% of physicians are engaged.
  • Healthcare Safety has not improved enough. The third leading cause of death in the US is preventable events.
  • An increasing number of physicians seek early retirement citing “burnout” while more retrench between private practices and hospitals.
  • Job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high resulting in more than 20% of physicians moving to a different hospital within the third year of their hire.
  • Medical education still focuses too narrowly on clinical skills, graduating generations of physicians taught to treat patients in face-to-face interactions but not to assume the critical leadership roles required in our turbulent age.
  • The focus is on individual excellence, not on quality outcomes, service delivery or value.
  • We inadvertently keep producing doctors from the old paradigm while the new health age cries out for new skill sets that include leadership, teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

We’ve created an elite physician leadership training program to meet all of your leadership training needs.

Featured Speaker: Mo Kasti
Physician Leadership Training In Progress
Physician Leadership Training

At CTI Leadership, We Believe:

  • When medicine meets leadership everything changes: the culture, the care, the way we collaborate, and most importantly, outcomes
  • Physician leadership is not a position or a title, it is a mindset
  • Where there is strong physician leadership, healthcare organizations benefit. They become purveyors of value – exemplars of quality patient care and cost effectiveness
  • When physicians disengage from their vocations, whether due to cynicism or burnout, healthcare transformation becomes impossible to achieve
  • Healthcare lags distressingly behind every sector, from business to manufacturing, in succession planning and leadership development
  • Organizations that effectively develop their physician leaders have demonstrated better engagement, better alignment and better results in health outcomes, patient and employee satisfaction, and business performance. (as much as 50%)

Learn more about our physician leadership training program, and other training services to see how CTI Leadership can help your organization.

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Physician Leadership Institute

The Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) is a division of CTI with a focus on medical industry leadership training. The mission of PLI is to save lives by empowering physicians to effectively lead the healthcare transformation. The Physician Leadership Institute has successfully established numerous Leadership Fellowships and Academies, locally and nationally, and graduated thousands of physician leaders from our medical industry leadership institute.

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Medical Staff Training

Any healthcare organization is only as good as its medical staff. The strategy to improve the Quad Aim of patient safety, quality of care, patient and physician experiences and value is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the medical staff from the Medical Executive Committee to the physician leader, and to the individual physicians. In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, the challenges facing medical staff leadership are many.

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PLI Fellowship


Our most popular and comprehensive offering, Fellowships include assessment, personal development, executive coaching, strategic organizational team projects and monthly onsite sessions. Delivered as a 12-15 month program, Fellowships allow participants to become Fellows of the Physician Leadership Institute at its completion.

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Bootcamp Training

Spark change and engage your team with a leadership bootcamp in 2 days or less. In two days or fewer, you can energize teams of physicians, nurses, administrators, or any combination thereof, to engage in your change and transformation process. The boot camps are cost-effective and customized to fit the needs of your organization, and they can be completed in just one-half to two days.

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CTI helps leaders craft a sustainable strategy to address personal, cultural/leadership and organizational challenges and prevent burnout.

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Our unique systematic approach leads to reduced turnover, in-creased morale within the team, greater joy of practice, better coping skills and reduced hassle factors. Ultimately this process contributes to cultural transformation within the organization.

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Investing in physician leaders improves the overall profitability of the healthcare organization and more.

This whitepaper explains the Physician Leadership Model, broken down into 4 domains – lead self, lead people, lead with strategy, lead for results.

Physician engagement is critical in leading transformation in the healthcare industry. Take the time to create an action plan for increasing physician engagement.

The process of physician alignment and engagement is broken down into 7 simple steps. Use it to help connect and communicate more effectively with your physicians.

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