Leadership Training Tools

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Leadership Training Tools

Leadership training and development continues to be a key initiative for many healthcare organizations.  If you Google “Leadership Training Tools” the search engine returns more than 277,000,000 results so we understand that it can be overwhelming to determine where to start.  The good news is that CTI can help!

We offer a variety of leadership training solutions that can meet the unique needs of every physician and organization.  Even if you don’t know exactly what solution you are looking for, we can partner with you to assess your organization’s strengths, identify gaps, and recommend training tools that are the right fit for you and your organization.

Six Helpful Leadership Training Tools

CTI's Customized Healthcare Leadership Strategy


A year-long fellowship program equips participants with a deeper understanding of organizational and healthcare market dynamics, conventional and unconventional strategies, and key levers for leading people effectively.

On-site interactive learning sessions that use innovative tools such as:


Coaching provides insight, guidance and accountability which equip participants to execute on his or her personal and organizational goals and strategies with the highest impact.

Boot Camps

In two days or fewer, highly motivating boot camp events can be used to jump-start initiatives from strategic projects to long-term cultural change.

Active Learning Projects

Projects serve as opportunities for applied training in hands-on, non-didactic environments. Projects involve collaborative work on strategic initiatives aimed at facilitating improvement or enhancing growth. They serve as vehicles for developing engagement as a muscle for future collaboration. Working in cross-functional teams or in dyads, participants have the opportunity to apply the leadership skills by improving upon strategic, operational or clinical issues, and drive tangible results for a return on investment.

Proprietary Tools

We incorporate tools and maps to enhance the learning and application with the following:


We offer a variety of tools and assessments to evaluate individual and team leadership competencies and behaviors including: communication styles, transformation and change readiness, emotional intelligence, learning styles, time management, teamwork, performance management, and conflict resolution.






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