Mo Kasti, Owner and CEO of CTI Leadership

A note from Mo Kasti…


Dear Friends and Partners,


I trust you are starting to enjoy the colorful fall foliage and are having a good start to the final quarter of the year.


In our daily work with Medical Staff leaders, executives and managers, we hear and experience how disruptive conduct can take a toll on their already busy agendas affecting in the process the organizations’ overall goals. Leaders can spend more than 2.5 hours a day on drama/emotional waste at work. As my friend and mentor Marshall Goldsmith puts it in his book: “What got you here will not get you there.” The higher you get in the organization, the more you are dealing with behavioral issues instead of the technical issues. In fact, among all the topics we facilitate and coach on, having the difficult conversation is usually the most popular with the highest rating.


When there is a high presence of disruptive behavior, the quality of the work suffers and productivity drops. In healthcare, this is particularly dangerous as decreases in overall performance can have dramatic consequences for patients and providers alike. Patient safety is at stake when bad overall performance becomes a problem in any healthcare setting.


To combat this challenge, it is essential for us as leaders to be equipped with the tools, skills and practices to deal with difficult conversations, one conversation at a time, one relationship at a time. If difficult conversations and disruptive behaviors are on you mind, please join our upcoming webinar and read this article. If we can help you with a specific situation, do not hesitate to reach out to us at


– – Mo Kasti