Mo Kasti One of 100 Founding Members of the Goldsmith Thompson Growth Leadership Accelerator Silicon Valley Experience

Growth Leadership Accelerator

Mo Kasti, along with the top C-suite founders, executives and business coaches in the world will tour a variety of unicorn companies in Silicon Valley this month as part of the Leadership Accelerator Silicon Valley Experience.

The Experience is the brain-child of the World’s #1 Behavioral Coach Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Thomspon, the #1 Growth Leadership Coach, and New York Times Best-selling Author and Career Strategist, Bonita Thompson. It is a unique executive leadership tour of the most extraordinary companies in Silicon Valley.

Sessions will be held on-site at Singularity Universities, at Nasa/Moffett, and at the offices of Intel, Google and Pinterest. Participants will engage with senior executives, along with leaders from Tata, Harvard, Uber, DocuSign, Tesla, NuSkin, Ethereum/Consensys, Hint, Prysm, GoogleX, UBeam, Yumi, Tokidoki and others—companies whose combined value total more than U.S. $250 Billion.

“These companies have all disrupted their respective industries, whether it be through product modernization, shifts in service or process innovation. I see this trip as a unique opportunity to learn and collect best practices from our country’s most brilliant minds so we can help our client-partners be more agile and innovative,” Mo Kasti said.

About the MG100

Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, Pay it Forward program began with only 15 coaches. He pledged to teach them everything he knew at no charge. In return, he asked that these 15 would ‘pay if forward’ by doing the same thing, for free, for 15 others. This year, more than 16,000 people applied to be part of the program – only 100 were chosen.

About Mo Kasti

Mo Kasti is a distinguished author, thought leader, speaker, coach and healthcare strategy advisor. His mission and passion center around saving lives by helping clinicians and executives elevate their thinking in times of disruption. To read more about Mo, visit