Integrated Leaders Build a Culture of Trust

Integrated Leaders Build a Culture of TrustLeadership Then and Now

Integrated leadership in healthcare refers to collaboration between an organization’s executive management team and its physicians. During the long period of transactional, fee-based healthcare services, health system administrators and physicians co-existed within a framework to provide care, but their decision-making responsibilities were separate and entirely different.

Healthcare executives looked after the business of providing care within the structure of an organization, which included only minimal interaction with physicians who treated their patients within the hospital or health system facility. The hospital or health systems provided the space and resources, the physicians provided the clinical expertise, and both were paid according to their contributions.


A New Era

The demand for value-based accountable care has changed all that. Healthcare institution executives and physicians are now mutually responsible for delivering better outcomes at lower costs. This can only happen through meaningful collaboration, or integrated leadership.

Because hospitals and doctors have traditionally operated quite independently of one another, they have separate professional associations – the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the American Medical Association (AMA), each of which represents the interests of their members and their members’ patients.

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