How to cope effectively with the pandemic (5 things)

By September 29, 2020February 19th, 2021Leadership, Wellbeing

I am often asked about what do I share with my clients during coaching discussions especially about leading during a pandemic. I had the privilege to coach many leaders during the COVID pandemic and here are the 5 main things I share with my executive leaders, physicians and business owners:


  1. Care for Self first. Take care of yourself first.. You can’t give what you don’t have!!
  2. Be agile like water. Be willing to adapt to the terrain and changes just like water.
  3. Balance between optimism and brutal facts. It is a Paradox to be optimistic and believe that this pandemic shall pass AND at the same time deal with the brutal facts this pandemic is causing you, your family, your team, your business,…
  4. Courage to Act: The worst thing to do during a pandemic is to freeze and be paralyzed by analysis and planning. Must be in actions even with little data. Law of physics: A body in motion stays in motion.
  5. Empathy for others. Recognize that you are not the only one going through the disruption and everyone one on your team, your customers and their families are all going through change.

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