Homeless artists in Nashville make thank you cards for healthcare heroes

By April 28, 2020Healthcare Heroes

Homeless and formerly homeless artists in east Nashville spent time this week creating thank you cards for our healthcare heroes.


Each card linked to nonprofit Poverty and the Arts was one-of-a-kind, made with love and acrylics, watercolors, pencils and markers. The POVA program provides artistic resources, as well as guidance on gaining financial independence, for people impacted by homelessness.


“Creating these cards helped relieve my own stress. Thank you to all the essential heroes who keep things going–healthcare workers, janitors, store shelf stockers, cashiers, and more,” artist Thaddaeus Tekell said.


The cards were delivered to Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Thursday.


“In addition to earning income, art is also a way for our artists to find beauty in the midst of their struggles, daily and now during the pandemic,” added Founder and Executive Director of POVA, Nicole Minyard. “They love being able to use their artistic talent to bring joy and hope to those working tirelessly during this challenging time. Every dollar is important to our artists, but so is helping others, and their donations show how everyone can contribute in their own, meaningful way.”


The Poverty and the Arts center is located on Dickerson Pike in east Nashville.

Source: Fox 17 Nashville


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