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At CTI, we pride ourselves on being your first choice for valuable content on healthcare Leadership, Strategy, Culture, Innovation and Performance. Our founder and CEO Mo Kasti, along with our team of industry experts, make their knowledge available to you in a variety of ways including speaking engagements, training and development, coaching and authoring best-selling books. Much of our online content including articles, whitepapers, webinars and videos, are available to you at no charge in our Resource Library.

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Popular Books

Physician Leadership by Mo Kasti

Mo Kasti’s “Physician Leadership: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation” explains why physician leadership is an essential component to successful healthcare transformation and why most physicians are currently ill-prepared to lead others. Mo highlights the symptoms that physicians and healthcare organizations are experiencing as a result of a leadership vacuum and provides a solution that defines, measures, analyzes, improves, and verifies leadership evolution.

Many specific examples, which will resonate with anyone working in healthcare today, as well as successful case studies, are included.

Physician Leadership Book Written by Mo Kasti

Beyond Physician Engagement by Mo Kasti

As CEO of CTI’s Physician Leadership Institute, I’ve seen the power of strong physician engagement firsthand. I’ve also witnessed the problems that occur when physicians are not engaged. It isn’t pretty. It is a safety threat.

Engagement is critical in today’s ever-changing healthcare system. It can improve clinical outcomes, boost patient experience and safety scores, and promote a positive culture throughout the organization. Yet engagement metrics among physicians are measuring at a mere 10 percent.

I believe we have been approaching engagement all wrong in healthcare. We’ve made it a metric and held our managers accountable over our physicians. But physicians are professionals and don’t need parents, they need partners.

The book reveals real-life examples of leaders who have been successful at engaging their physicians in strategy as well as clinical operations by acting as partners – co-leading, co-creating and working together to establish trust. It provides readers with a progressive road map that blends the art of leadership, neuroscience, language and conversation.

It is time to go beyond engagement.

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