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At CTI, we take a highly collaborative approach to leadership consulting. We work alongside our client partners, in the trenches, to remove obstacles and find real solutions. Our ultimate goal is to save lives by laser-focusing on our clients’ most critical issues, removing the hassle factors preventing excellent care, and making the most of growth opportunities. The healthcare industry is ever-changing, even tumultuous at times, but our team of highly-skilled industry experts is ready to guide the way.

Transforming Care for Better Clinical Outcomes | CTI Leadership

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Transforming Care for Better Clinical Outcomes

Improving System Efficiency and Efficacy

Engaging Clinical Talent During Times of Uncertainty

CTI is the fourth consultant group we’ve had evaluate our 300-bed hospital in the last 10 years, but the first to sustain a comprehensive re-structure of our medical staff. I’ve been impressed with their insight, patience and commitment.

Dr. David GrantChief of Staff UP Marquette

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