Our experience and evidence shows this is the most effective framework to address challenges facing the Healthcare, Education and Information Technology industries today. Our award-winning content is available via multiple delivery formats including thought leadership, training, and development, coaching, consulting and speaking. All of these formats are customized to fit the clients’ specific needs.


We have organized our leadership solutions around five foundational pillars:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategy
  3. Culture
  4. Innovation
  5. Performance

“Expertise, innovation and partnership are what you get with Mo Kasti and CTI. Their unique and tailored approach to enhancing medical staff leaders and redesigning medical staff governance serve as strategic accelerators to creating a system that will deliver highly reliable, quality healthcare to our patients.”

Brian SinotteFACHE, CEO UP Health System Marquette


We offer personalized and evidence-based training and development with tangible results. These are delivered in various flexible formats such as boot camps, academies and institutes.



CTI leverages a vast global network of expert coaches with practical experience to deliver hands-on, results-based coaching. Our coaching programs are both rigorous and highly personalized. Working with seasoned coaching professionals, participants complete a comprehensive Personal Strategy Map to outline and guide their development journey. We also interview each of our participants to assess their coaching readiness, expectations and goals. The coach provides insight, guidance and accountability to enable the participant to execute on his or her personal and organizational goals and strategies with the highest impact.

More than 50 national faculty and industry experts contribute to our program, including faculty from the University of South Florida (USF), Duke University, Emory University, Harvard University, Stanford University, the US Military Academy at West Point, Washington University in St. Louis, General Electric, Lehigh Valley Hospital, and Florida Hospital to name a few. View a complete list of coaches and their credentials.

Coaching is offered on multiple levels and is customized based on the needs of the leader and organization, the time commitment and desired outcomes.

CTI Coaching Offerings

Executive Coach

Designed for:

  • C-Suite Administrators
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Hospital and Physician Practice Group Leaders
  • Institute Executive Directors
  • Institute Executive Dyads

Physician Leader Coaching

Designed for:

  • Chiefs of Staff
  • Department Chairs
  • Section Chiefs
  • Site Leads
  • Committee Chairs
  • Service Line Medical Directors
  • Service Line Dyads

May include the following phases:

  • Needs assessment
  • Matching physician leader with physician coach
  • Relationship building
  • Leadership assessment
  • Goal setting – personal strategy map
  • Accountability (coaching via phone and/or onsite)
  • Transition assistance

Cultural Integration Coaching

Focuses specifically on increasing awareness of varying cultural norms and unconscious biases.

New Leader Onboarding

New leaders receive dedicated coaching and guided development designed to help them understand their responsibilities as leaders.


CTI is proud to be a trusted advisor for hundreds of organizations around the world. We work with clients in the trenches to remove obstacles and solve their problems creatively to deliver tangible results.


CTI’s CEO Mo Kasti is a sought-after speaker on strategy, leadership and management transformation, innovation, and effective process improvement.

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