Using our exclusive terrain-based approach, CTI Leadership supports its clients from the beginning of transformation to fruition – by assessing the terrain, mapping the strategy, aligning and engaging, operationalizing and executing, and sustaining the changes.

The CTI Business Strategy & Consulting Transformation Process


Working with our leadership assessment tools, we help you assess your challenges – both organizational and personal – establish measurable goals, evaluate existing gaps, and identify priorities and opportunities.

  • Initiative selected
  • Team roles determined
  • Current state defined
  • Realistic scope defined
  • Metrics defined, baseline measured, and initial data collected
  • Coalition, teams and stakeholders identified
  • Best practices identified
  • Benefits to be realized identified
  • Likelihood of success has been determined


We establish a baseline for key leadership performance indicators for your organization and build an evidence-based leadership performance system.

  • Desired state and vision defined
  • Future metric target defined
  • Force Field Analysis with Enablers and Obstacles completed
  • Obstacles prioritized
  • Potential solutions of obstacles brainstormed
  • Elevator speech written
  • Detailed action plan (project map) completed with timeline
  • 90-Day plans and Line of Sight (LOS) defined
  • Resources needed identified
  • Initiative Strategy Map shared with key stakeholders for buy-in and securing resources.


Using the results from our evidence-based leadership assessment, we work with you to customize a development structure and programs for your organization. The leadership topics selected are based on the findings of the assessment. The curriculum uses our tested delivery approach which includes a customized selection of solutions designed around the specific challenges facing your organization.

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Strategy Map completed
  • Key stakeholders engaged
  • Communication plan completed and executed
  • Metrics updated
  • Elevator speech customized for each stakeholder
  • Change agents have been engaged
  • Early wins published and success communicated effectively
  • A coalition formed and meetings started
  • 90-Day LOS followed


Our onsite solutions enable your organization to embark on the leadership transformation journey. Leadership success metrics are based on specific performance outcomes that impact every level of a system.

  • Regular team meetings take place
  • Solution(s) implemented
  • Metrics updated
  • Help resources secured
  • Early wins completed and celebrated
  • Regular communication taking place
  • Influence strategies executed
  • Resistance being approached with courage and courage conversations taking place
  • Escalations when needed
  • Solution(s) success monitored and reported


As the impact of our leadership programs start being felt in the workplace, we help you create an “evidence-based” monitoring system with key leadership metrics based on outcomes. These are the measurements you need to track progress and results over time. We also help you identify the next steps – the areas of strategic impact your organization needs to tackle next.

  • Metrics updated
  • Sustaining/hardwiring approach defined
  • Sustaining/hardwiring approach implemented
  • Needed changes to processes, structure, roles and system identified
  • Ongoing owner assigned
  • Regular performance reviews taking place
  • Success communicated and celebrated
  • Recognition of teams, change agents, taking place
  • Formal presentation
  • Lessons learned documented and shared

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