CTI Methodology

Leadership transformation is a continuous process of improvement.


We Assess

Working with our leadership assessment tools, we help you assess your challenges – both organizational and personal – establish measurable goals, evaluate existing gaps, and identify priorities and opportunities.


We Measure

We establish a baseline for key leadership performance indicators for your organization and build an evidence-based leadership performance system.


We Build

Using the results from our evidence-based leadership assessment, we work with you to customize a development structure and programs for your organization. The leadership topics selected will be based on the findings of the assessment. The curriculum will use our tested delivery approach which includes a customized selection of solutions designed around the specific challenges facing your organization.


We Transform

Our onsite solutions enables your entire organization to embark on the Leadership Transformation Journey. Leadership success metrics are based on specific performance outcomes that impact every level of a health system.


We Sustain

As the impact of our  leadership programs start being felt in the workplace, we help you create an “evidence-based” monitoring system with key leadership metrics based on outcomes. These are the measurements you need to track progress and results over time. We also help you identify the next steps – the areas of strategic impact your organization needs to tackle next.

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