Our Strategy Offering is geared toward the Board, Executive Team, Chief of Staff, Strategy and Committee

Strategy often makes the difference between success and failure. CTI focuses on helping clients articulate a healthcare strategy map, guiding and empowering an organization to focus on the critically important aspects of business, while eliminating time spent on the non-urgent, less important aspects of their operation.

While healthcare strategy planning is considered an annual event by many organizations, CTI focuses on strategic thinking as an ongoing process of translating vision into reality. Using our unique Terrain Based Strategy™ (TBS) planning system, we enable individuals, teams, and organizations to explore extraordinary opportunities by creating dynamic, responsive healthcare strategies that align environmental trends with organizational goals. Our planning system targets growth, competitive market positioning, brand discovery, and healthcare strategy alignment and implementation.

CTI's Customized Leadership Strategy

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Strategic Planning, Alignment and Execution

Market and Terrain Competitive Assessments

Population Health – Clinically Integrated Network Optimization

Change Management

Strategy Alignment and Accountability

Executive Team

Chiefs of Staff


Strategy Committee


CTI encourages leaders to explore ancient and modern thinking on strategic leadership and apply the best principles and practices to their organization.

We help you develop strategies at each level of the organization continuum:

  • Individual Strategy
  • Team Strategy
  • Department/Function Strategy
  • Service Line Strategy
  • Division Strategy
  • Organizational Strategy
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