Any healthcare organization is only as good as its medical staff. The strategy to improve the Quad Aim of patient safety, quality of care, patient and physician experiences and value is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the medical staff from the Medical Executive Committee to the physician leader, and to the individual physicians. In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, the challenges facing medical staff leadership are many.

CTI can help. We specialize in optimizing medical staff and engaging physicians to collaborate, innovate, and obtain meaningful, sustainable change by improving medical staff performance at all levels.

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Medical Executive Committee | CTI Leadership

Medical Staff Executive Committee (MEC)

MEC Offerings

Many of the challenges healthcare organizations face today are related to ancient and ineffective medical staff organization and governance, which are not designed for the way medicine works today and in the future. CTI can evaluate and help transform your MEC with these services.

Medical Executive Committee Assessment

MEC Coaching

MEC Strategy Development

Peer Review Training

Medical Staff Governance

Credential & Privileging Training

Medical Staff Meeting

Leadership Training

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Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer Offerings

COS Readiness Assessment

Coaching Sessions

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Training Bootcamps

Succession Planning

Chair & DYADs Offerings

Department or Section Chief Assessment

New Chair Onboarding

Chair or Section Chief Coaching

Dyad Structure and Training

Chair Readiness Assessment

Dyad Coaching

Medical Staff Training Services

Building and maintaining a high-quality, engaged, and effective medical staff is the most important challenge facing healthcare leaders today. Beginning with attracting and retaining the right talent to engaging them as active collaborators and ensuring their joy in practice, attention to the medical staff is the surest path to patient satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Our services in this area include:

  • Improving Your Physician Recruitment Process
  • New Physician Onboarding
  • Helping Medical Staff Deal with Continuous Change
  • Resilience Training and Burnout Prevention
  • Hassle Factor Index™: Identify and Eliminate Obstacles to Bring the Joy of Practice back
  • Physician Mentor Development
  • Disruptive Behaviors Assistance
  • Physician Leadership Training

CTI Leadership Physician Bootcamp


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Leadership Resources for Physicians and Healthcare Organizations

CTI’s Pillars of Transformational Change

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Testimonials From Our Medical Staff Services Clients

CTI is the fourth consultant group we’ve had evaluate our 300-bed hospital in the last 10 years but the first to sustain a comprehensive re-structure of our medical staff. I’ve been impressed with their insight, patience and commitment

Dr. David GrantChief of Staff, UP Health System Marquette

Experience, innovation and partnership are what you get with Mo Kasti and CTI. Their unique and tailored approach to enhancing medical staff leaders and redesigning medical staff governance serve as strategic accelerators to creating a system that will deliver highly reliable, quality healthcare to our patients.

Brian SinotteFACHE, CEO UP Health System Marquette

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