Shifting market dynamics require strong leadership and a new set of skills aimed at facilitating serious change and true organizational transformation.  Our healthcare leadership training sessions create cultural transformation, optimal productivity and capacity, quality improvement, process excellence and improved overall performance.


We have prepared thousands of clinicians for leadership roles and helped create cultures of engagement and productivity for healthcare organizations.

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Courageous Communication:

Tools for Having the

Tough Conversations

The ability to engage in candid conversations about the issues that matter most is essential for leaders. Through this session participants will learn the communication foundations and practices essential for being able to address the tough issues in a constructive manner.

Working together

Understanding & Leveraging

Work Styles

People differ in how they process thoughts, communicate with others, organize their work, prioritize goals and approach problems. Fortunately, this diversity has the potential to be an organization’s greatest strengths. In this session, we will use the DiSC© profile to enhance self-awareness and learn strategies to enable better communication, motivation and influence across diverse styles.

Friday Night at the ER

This activity simulates the flow of people or goods through parts of an organization. The gameplay is engaging and teams are motivated to perform well. Following gameplay, the program leader guides participants through an interactive debrief that includes huddles, exercises and rich discussion. In this session, you will gain and understanding of systems thinking, collaborating across boundaries, making data-driven decisions, designing a structure for desired behavior, and understanding challenges through simulation.

Peer Review

In this session, participants will learn strategies for building a culture that fosters and supports effective peer review and learn the skills needed to give meaningful feedback and recognize and reduce bias. As a result, participants will be able to redefine peer review: OPPE, FPPE and physician core competencies, create a performance improvement culture (moving from punitive to positive) in your peer review process, and reduce peer review bias and conduct a multi-specialty peer review.

Collaborative Leadership:

Building Relationships that

Get Results (Equine Session)

In this session, you will gain important insights about what it takes to motivate, engage, influence, and earn the trust of those you lead – all with the help of uniquely qualified teaching assistants, horses. Horses are highly sensitive to emotional cues and respond primarily to body language, demeanor, mood and tone. Because of this, they provide unedited feedback about how you show up as a leader, and what it may take from you to earn trust and effectively influence change.


Strategy Mapping

Leading successful organizational improvement initiatives requires strategic thinking, planning, and action.  During this session, Terrain-Based Strategy™ (TBS) mapping will be introduced as an effective planning system that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to explore extraordinary opportunities.

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From Clinician to

Clinician Leader

When clinicians lead in partnership with administrative leaders, we ensure that organizational decisions are informed by clinical expertise and knowledge of patient concerns. Leading, however, requires a set of abilities that differ from those essential to clinical excellence. In this session, you will learn the best practices of successful leaders.

Building High

Performing Teams

The promise of higher levels of performance and breakthrough results through teamwork is common, but not often realized. So, what makes the difference? What enables a group of people to consistently function as a high performing team? This session will explore the practices of high performing teams and partnerships, and the tools necessary to build and maintain these.

Physician Leadership Training

Leading Productive


One of the key ways that organizations generate ideas, coordinate action, and solve problems is through meetings. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of meetings are led in ways that yield meaningful results. In this session, participants will learn skills and strategies for facilitating highly productive meetings and group discussions.

In Praise of the Low-Key Leader

Lead Self First,

Then Lead Others

Engaging others to make positive changes in their organizations starts with leaders who are self-aware, lead with purpose, leverage their best talents, and take responsibility for their weaknesses. Through this session you will explore leadership best practices and engage in exercises that facilitate enhanced self- awareness.

Leading Change: Engaging

& Influencing Others

Through this session, participants will learn a framework for leading successful change and transformation in challenging and dynamic times. The key to doing so lies in the work leaders do to engage others, gain their commitment and support, and sustain their momentum over time. We’ll explore strategies and practices for engaging and influencing others in order to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.

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Leading Process


Challenging times call for methods that: Make better use of existing resources, identify & eliminate sources of waste, continuously improve flow and throughput and identify and remove waste. In this session, we will present Lean concepts for assessing and improving processes and apply those principles within a process simulation activity.

Half Day Away From Better Clinical Outcome

Enhancing Your Executive

Presence and Leadership Brand

The ability to demonstrate executive presence and a strong leadership brand is no longer optional for leaders who wish to excel. Leaders are on display every day and are judged on how effectively they communicate the professional objectives and values they represent. In this session, you will learn how to enhance daily communications, influence others, stand-out, and fine-tune your leadership brand.

In Praise of the Low-Key Leader

Enhancing Resilience

& Well-Being

The pressure to perform in the midst of escalating change and energy demands means organizations are asking more of their physicians and leaders than ever before. Without strategies for managing in this environment inevitably exceed capacity. In this session, we’ll explore ways to expand capacity without sacrificing health and happiness.

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Personal Productivity:

Managing Commitments and Priorities

Managing the multiple demands that compete for our time and attention can be a challenge, but doesn’t have to be. Each of us can enhance our ability to manage these demands and get results. The key is working to manage commitments and priorities. In this session, you’ll learn the key practices and strategies needed to do so.

Leader as Coach

Coaching involves partnering with another in a creative process that inspires the other to enhance their potential and results. Coaching not only helps individuals raise their confidence, capabilities and effectiveness, it also helps organizations retain their top performers. Through this session you will learn skills and tools that will help you play an active role in coaching and developing other professionals.

Effective Performance


When done well, performance feedback can improve engagement, resolve problems in a timely manner, and increase satisfaction and loyalty among employees and leaders. Through this session, participants will learn performance feedback practices that accelerate the success of individuals, teams and organizations.

working together

Enhancing Your Leadership

Communication IQ

Though we’re born with the capacity to communicate, the ability to communicate well is not innate. Doing so requires specific skills and a climate of trust and respect. Fortunately, the skills needed for leaders to create this climate and enhance communication effectiveness can be learned and improved. In this session, we’ll explore these vital communication skills.

Team projects

Leading with

Emotional Intelligence

The term Emotional Intelligence – like its shorthand, EQ – refers to a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. In this session, we’ll explore strategies for building your Emotional Intelligence and using “EQ” to enhance leadership effectiveness and results.

CTI Leads Joint Leadership Development Program

Business and

Financial Acumen

The business of healthcare is complex and continuously changing. In challenging and more competitive markets, leaders from every function must deepen their understanding of basic financial concepts. During this session, you will learn about how your organization generates profits and delivers value to patients and stakeholders, and how you contribute to the organization’s sustainability.

Physician Engagement at AMGA Annual Conference

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