At CTI we believe healthcare is broken and needs transformation. Healthcare is very expensive, fragmented and lacks effective coordination. Worse, the third leading cause of death is unnecessary errors in healthcare.

Our mission is to save lives by empowering physicians to be effective as collaborative leaders, strategists, and innovators with our specialized physician leadership training program.

We are a transformation and consulting company, specializing in healthcare leadership, strategy and innovation training and consulting services. Since our inception in 2005, we have worked with thousands of healthcare leaders to transform their organizations into high-performing entities to provide better care for their patients and more.

Our unique approach of creating customized practical learning and leadership coaching experiences enables physicians to enhance their skills and lead change in their organization’s culture, strategy, and processes in order to improve patient outcomes and experiences.  As a result of our work, team passion and dedication and our great company culture, CTI is one of Florida’s top 50 companies to watch, an Inc 5000 company, and Tampa Small Business of the Year nominee.

We pride ourselves on forming long-term working partnerships with our clients to achieve success through three foundational practices – leadership, strategy, and innovation. Look at our satisfaction guarantee and 100% of our clients are satisfied with their results.

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We offer physician leadership training to a variety of healthcare professionals and physician leaders. See the full list below to understand how our healthcare leadership training can help your organization.

Executive Team

Clinical Team

Chiefs of Staff



Strategy Committee

Medical Staff


We Know It Works. Our Proven Return on Your Investment Includes:

Improvement in Ability to Lead Others
Improvement in Ability to Think Strategically
Improvement in Ability to Impact Revenue
Improvement in Ability to Work with Team Memebers

Our physician leadership training is proven to work for our healthcare clients and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have worked with a variety of hospitals and clinics to improve their patient experiences and outcomes.

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"When leadership meets medicine, everything changes: the culture, the way we collaborate, and most importantly, results."

Mo Kasti

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