Many of the healthcare leadership challenges that organizations face today are related to outdated and ineffective medical staff organization and governance, which are not designed for the way medicine works today and in the future. CTI can help. We specialize in optimizing medical staff and engaging physicians to collaborate, innovate, and obtain meaningful, sustainable change by improving medical staff performance at all levels.

We assist with common healthcare leadership challenges by providing the following solutions


Disengaged Physicians and Medical Staff

Poor Physician Retention and Signs of Burnout

Inadequate Leadership Skills

Poor Clinical Integration and Communication

Inefficient or Obsolete Medical Staff Structure

Unsatisfactory Quality Measures

Low Patient Satisfaction Scores

Stagnant Growth

Excessive Patient Length of Stay

High Rate of Readmissions

Large Degree of Variation in Practice

CTI Solutions

Physician Engagement Consulting

Physician Leadership Training

Executive Team Coaching

Medical Staff Services – Training and Strategy Consulting

Medical Staff Boot Camps and Retreats



Physician Engagement Consulting

Physician Leadership Development

Clinical Team Coaching

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Organizations We Help


Medical Group Practices

Health Systems

Managed Care Organizations

Long-Term Care Facilities

Retail Clinics

Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy Schools

Pharmaceutical Companies

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