Our Expertise

We design and deliver custom leadership, strategy and innovation solutions for the constantly evolving needs of healthcare practices and enterprises.


We implement solutions that enable you and your organization to reach the highest level of performance using CTI’s evidence-based methodology and leadership model. Our elite team of coaches and facilitators provides a wealth of partnership, expertise, and award-winning content to you and your organization.

Together, we can transform healthcare through Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation:

Leadership Solutions

The world continues to change at a rapid pace. What remains constant, however, is the need for transformational leadership. Shifting market dynamics requires leadership and a new set of skills aimed at facilitating serious change and true organizational transformation. We will partner with you and your organization to create:

  • Cultural Transformation
  • Optimal Productivity & Capacity
  • Quality Improvement and Process Excellence
  • Performance Improvement

It is in this greater organizational context that we work with leaders and enable them to:

Lead Self: by increasing self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation
Lead with Strategy: by identifying and leveraging unconventional strategies
Lead People: by navigating teams and organizations through periods of growth and decline
Lead for Results: by maximizing decision-making, performance, and growth

Strategy Solutions

Strategy often makes the difference between success and failure. CTI focuses on helping clients articulate a strategy map, guiding and empowering an organization to focus on the critically important aspects of business, while eliminating time spent on the non-urgent, less important aspects of their operation.

While strategic planning is considered an annual event by many organizations, CTI focuses on strategic thinking as an ongoing process of translating vision into action and making it the way in which people work. Using our unique Terrain Based Strategy™ (TBS) planning system, we enable individuals, teams, and organizations to explore extraordinary opportunities by creating dynamic, responsive strategies that align environmental trends with organizational goals. Our planning system targets growth, competitive market positioning, brand discovery, and strategy alignment and implementation.

Through CTI, leaders explore ancient and modern thinking on strategic leadership and apply the best principles and practices of each to their organization. We help you to develop strategies at each level of the organization continuum:

  • Individual Strategy
  • Team Strategy
  • Department/Function Strategy
  • Service Line Strategy
  • Division Strategy
  • Organizational Strategy

Our expertise also includes:

  • Strategic Planning, Alignment & Execution
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Physician & Organizational Alignment
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Population Health
  • CMO Evolution
  • Optimizing Productivity & Capacity
  • Quality Improvement and Process Excellence
  • Performance Improvement
  • Growth Strategies
  • Patient Experience
  • Telemedicine
  • Employee Engagement
  • Clinical Priority
  • New Product or Service
  • Talent Management

Innovation Solutions

We believe in “doing different things, and doing them differently”. We value an entrepreneurial culture and encourage our team to continually innovate in our practice and in what we deliver to our client-partners. We continuously scan the world for the latest best-practices and share them with our client-partners when appropriate. We adapt best practices from other industries, frameworks that we know work, and apply them to our client-partner’s specific situation, giving them the most appropriate and cost-effective results possible.


We believe the following challenges hinder innovation:

  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of an innovation culture
  • Lack of trust
  • History – Learned Helplessness
  • Definition – equating innovation with invention or with technology
  • Lack of creative people
  • Lack of risk taking
  • Lack of play
  • Right Brain versus Left Brain use
  • Lack of a leadership focus and strategy
  • Lack of importance
  • Lack of an innovation process

We can help you overcome these challenges and develop a more innovative culture.  We work with companies and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and execution, and accelerate the transformation of ideas into results. Our Innovation Solutions Include:

Innovation Institutes and Academies: The goal of our Institutes and Academies is to teach leaders and employees how to innovate using a structured process and culture. These customized programs include regularly scheduled onsite workshops, coaching, group projects, and group learning.

Innovation Workshops, Retreats And Bootcamps: Workshops, Retreats and Bootcamps are customized to the unique challenges and goals of the participants. These programs are designed to launch innovation initiatives and cultural transformation in your organization. We use keynote speakers and interactive, collaborative exercises to foster creativity and engagement in the learning process.

Innovation Strategy Development: Helping organizations define their innovation vision and develop the detailed strategies that will get them there.  Our goal is to help you develop a market-centric, discovery driven innovation process centered on finding new ways of creating value for you and your customers.


Examples of previous Innovation Solutions:

University of South Florida Neuroscience Collaborative

The USF NSC is an ambitious program designed to accelerate progress in USF neuroscience research by promoting new campus-wide collaborations among USF faculty, as well as with partners outside the University.

Innovation Hub powered by the University of South Florida

The Innovation Hub, powered by the University of South Florida and the Center for Transformation and Innovation, is a gateway into the university’s innovation and research assets and capabilities.  It is an online portal designed to help navigate the USF ecosystem and locate the resources that can help solve the challenges encountered along the innovation life cycle, from the research and discovery of new and innovative ideas, to the commercialization and diffusion of the innovation into the marketplace.  The goal is to connect the innovation resources at USF with the internal and external stakeholders that need them, encourage collaboration between USF and its stakeholders, and facilitate innovation globally.

Asset Mapping of a Major Research University Using Innovation Hub Modeling

The article evaluates the support for innovation, and the technology transfer and commercialization strengths, weaknesses, and gaps at the University of South Florida.

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