Doctor creates charity platform to support UK NHS heroes

Dr. John Caleb Manley (aka Jack), is an emergency room doctor in London, currently at the Royal London Hospital. He has set up a charity platform to help the UK NHS heroes on the frontlines of this terrible time.

Recently, during a 10-day shift, he noticed that many people were trying to give the nurses and doctors money, which most refused. He also knew that nurses and doctors would leave these exhausting shifts, go to the grocery stores and find no food, many restaurants closed, and they would go home to tired to cook.

So he set up a way for people like us to donate to buy good, healthy meals for the healthcare workers from local restaurants, which are then delivered directly to NHS staff. Not only does this help the workers but also supports the local restaurants, which are struggling with the loss of business as the pandemic moves through.

He set up a platform, with his also brilliant girlfriend, called DeliverAid ( to feed these heroes and help keep them healthy and decently fed.


Source: Cynthia Burnham

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