Highlights and Takeaways from CTI-led workshops at AMGA 2019

AMGA LogoCTI was proud to be a part of the 2019 AMGA conference that was held in National Harbor, Maryland, from March 26-28.

CTI led two workshops:

  1. Emerging Leaders and Women in Leadership: Design the Career and Life you Love!
  2. Immersion Workshop: Developing and Engaging Physician Leaders.   

Our team at CTI would like to thank all of our partners who joined us in attending this year’s conference. We look forward to continuing our journey together in transforming healthcare around the world and would like to share with you major takeaways from CTI’s featured sessions:


Design the Career and Life you Love!!

Emerging Leaders and Women in Leadership Councils Breakfast and Executive Group Coaching – Mo Kasti and Kimberly Faith

Program Overview

Taking charge of your career involves making a personal investment in designing your future to ensure it involves the work and life you love. During this session, we’ll use Design Thinking principles to help you do just that.

Any effort to envision the future begins with understanding the past and the journey you’ve taken to arrive where you are today. Given this, we’ll begin by looking at the intersection of your past, present and desired future, and using these insights to help you define your career vision.

With a vision of your desired future in mind, we’ll then focus on how you can own, communicate, and live into this vision. We’ll take this into actionable next steps by defining a prototype to  implement and a mechanism for holding yourself accountable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zoom out to look at your past: Identify key experiences and beliefs from your past to understand how past experiences have shaped our present.
  • By mapping our past and understanding our own journey we can use our story to humanize the leadership conversation, establish trust and engage others.
  • When engaging with others always consider what the other person may or may not have going on in their day/personal life.
  • Remember to refill your own cup, you can’t give what you don’t have.
  • Design a manifesto for the life and career you will love.
  • Use Design thinking principles to create a prototype for what you would like to achieve.
  • Define a mechanism for holding yourself accountable for your goals and vision. Check in with others to stay on target.


Developing and Engaging Physician Leaders – Mo Kasti and Dr. Ben Bache-Wiig

Physician Engagement: A Roadmap to Partner with Physicians to Be ALL IN

Physician engagement is crucial as healthcare systems navigate the multitude of decisions required in moving from volume to value, achieving clinical integration, navigating population health, and improving performance to drive transformational change. In the new and ever-changing healthcare economy, healthcare leadership needs to recognize and champion this importantnew role physicians will play. For their part, physicians need to understand and become more involved in the business of health care in support of the organization’s strategic direction. Physician leadership can be developed to help move an organization toward its strategic goals and to support cultural alignment and administrators. So, how do you develop physician leadership and engagement in this era of transformational change? In this immersion workshop, you’ll hear how CTI, an industry leader, developed the successful Physician Leadership Institute, and from AMGA member Allina Health who will share their experience with physician leadership development within their own organization.

  • Physician Dis-engagement is still a national challenge with only 10% fully engaged
  • Physicians are not the problem, physicians are the solution
  • Not all engagements are created equal- choose where to spend your emotional bandwidth
  • Engagement = one humanized conversation at a time that builds trust
  • 5 key factors that impact physician engagement are leadership, system, culture, self and purpose
  • Use Physician Engagement Framework to design your message including: Situate, Humanize, Co-Create, Converse and Sprint.
  • Dr. Bache-Wiig shared his lessons learned going from clinician to clinician leader.
  • Allina Health focused on co-creating by developing their primary care leaders through multi level approach with boot camps, Academies, Fellowships over multi year plan.
  • Build trust by making sure your deposits (giving) are as common as your withdrawals (asking for)
  • Find the intersection between your goal (what you are asking of them) and their concerns (what they care about)
  • The participants practiced developing their engagement strategy using a CTI proprietary Engagement Roadmap.
  • If you like a copy of the presentation, contact Mo kasti mkasti@ctileadership.com 


At CTI we are committed to supporting healthcare organizations in their engagement efforts with tools for success, strategies and roadmaps, as well as classes and workshops. To learn more about how we can help and to access our brochure of physician leadership training offerings, contact us online or give us a call at (813) 333-1401.

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