CTI Announces Launch of eCTI App for Mobile Devices

By January 22, 2018February 19th, 2021Healthcare Transformation, Innovation, Latest News
Launch of eCTI Mobile App

TAMPA, Fla. – CTI, the leading physician leadership development provider and transformation company, announced today the launch of eCTI, a new app for mobile devices. This addition to CTI’s suite of innovative curriculum-based learning tools illustrates the company’s initiative in building the most advanced healthcare transformation experience for physicians and executives.

With hundreds of current program participants, more than 5,000 graduates, and dozens of facilitators and coaches, eCTI provides a platform for connecting all of CTI’s stakeholders in a much more meaningful way. Most notably, the new app allows for real-time mobile coach-assisted learning.

As learning and coaching become increasingly more digital, eCTI is primed to become the largest player using technology in thought leadership, training and development, coaching and consulting. This mobile app provides participants a simple way to consume information, engage each other and track progress along their transformation journey.

“The app is an innovative extension of our online portal,” CTI Chief Operating Officer Rana Kasti said.

“Nowadays with all the advancements in technologies and professionals wanting to be connected all the time, we developed a tool that would allow our participants to enhance their experience in real time and on the go.”

Innovative Features of eCTI mobile app include:

  • Real-time coaching and team collaboration
  • Coach-assisted learning and coaching tool-kit
  • Discussion forum
  • Confidential journaling
  • Development maps
  • Session information & materials
  • Assessments
  • Micro-learning

“eCTI will be an integral part of our programs because it will enable the participants to communicate with their coaches and engage each other wherever they are, whenever they feel like they need to,” Kasti said.

“Accessibility is of the essence here.”

Ultimately the app allows participants and coaches to deepen the coaching relationship by taking it outside the classroom and into the hospital or home – wherever physicians are actually putting the learning into practice.

The eCTI app is free to all CTI program participants and available for download on the App Store. Additionally, the app will soon be available for organizations to customize for their own teams and coaches. Contact CTI for more information or click here to learn more about the eCTI Mobile App.

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