Outcomes for Physicians

An investment in physician leadership impacts the quality of patient care and the bottom line, as each physician develops a greater capacity to accept ambiguity, be an engaged change agent, and lead people collaboratively to deliver transformative outcomes.

PLI Graduates report stellar results (% ability before and after):

133% improvement in the ability to lead others

200% improvement in the ability to work in teams

350% improvement in the ability to think strategically

167% improvement in the ability to effectively communicate and influence

325% improvement in the ability to deal with difficult issues and situations

140% improvement in the ability to manage the practice

125% improvement in the ability to impact practice volume/revenue

150% improvement in the commitment to and active engagement in ensuring the organization’s success

250% improvement in loyalty to the organization

80% improvement in the willingness to serve in a leadership capacity

The skills learned in the Physician Leadership Institute will enable you to:

Practice Strategic Growth

  • Navigate healthcare reform and trends better
  • Think and act strategically
  • Learn better negotiation skills
  • Market creatively your services for growth and your market share
  • Increase ability to impact practice volume/revenue
  • Learn how to maintain or improve your patient satisfaction
  • Have better skills in healthcare business and financial acumen
  • Deal with healthcare and market changes more effectively

Practice Efficiency/Productivity

  • Learn tools and techniques to reduce delays and running late all the time
  • Learn how to analyze workflow and improve patient scheduling
  • Reduce variation in practice and outcomes
  • Conduct effective and productive meetings

Develop a High Performing Team

  • Motivate team members better
  • Establish common goals that inspire the team
  • Learn how to hire effectively
  • Deal with conflict better
  • Have crucial conversations when needed
  • Clarify performance expectations
  • Help your team deal with change more effectively

Work More Effectively with Hospitals and Administrators

  • Speak the administrators’ language
  • Build better relationships
  • Understand ACO and Bundled Payment impact on our relationships
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Develop deeper trust
  • Deal with conflict more effectively
  • Develop win/win scenarios

Achieve Interpersonal Growth and Benefits

  • Be more efficient
  • Have a better work life balance
  • Lead others effectively
  • Effectively communicate and influence others
  • Deal better with difficult issues and situations
  • Deal with change more effectively

Advance your Career

  • Learn leadership and management skills
  • Ability to lead others effectively
  • Network more effectively with my peers
  • Get Continuous Medical Education Credit (CME)

It is through targeted leadership development that physicians become deeply aligned with their organizational mission and engaged in bringing it into reality.

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