Cleaning Staff at Swedish Medical Thanked for Tireless Work

By April 28, 2020Healthcare Heroes

The outpouring of support from the community for doctors and nurses at Swedish Medical Center has been overwhelming.


“There is no way to fully describe how supported we have felt,” said Dr. Nicholas Tsipis, the Associate Director of Emergency Medicine at HealthONE’s Swedish Medical Center. “My experience from this pandemic is a greater sense of community and support of humanity, and people taking care of one another.”


Tsipis and his team wanted to make sure the gratitude and praise reached members of the cleaning staff as well. “The most unsung heroes in my opinion,” he said referring to staff members who are tasked with cleaning and disinfecting each room.


“It keeps the patient safe, keeps us safe, their families safe. There is no more important role,” he said. To show their gratitude, the ER staff gathers each day to cheer on their colleagues and thank them for the work they do.


“A lot of times they’re cleaning rooms by themselves without anyone knowing or seeing or thanking them and every room for every patient, doing it every time, to protect us, and to protect the patients and their families is one of the greatest acts of kindness and commitment to their fellow members of the community that we could ask for and we’re lucky to have them,” said Tsipis.

Source: CBS Denver


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