Beyond Physician Engagement: Strategies for Engaging Millennials in Healthcare

Beyond Physician Engagement: Strategies for Engaging Millennials in Healthcare

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CTI Physician Leadership Institute is proud to announce the first webinar in its series Beyond Physician Engagement entitled Strategies to Engage Millennials. On July 11 at 12 p.m. EST, Dr. Bob Nelson (Dr. Bob), world-renowned leader on employee recognition, motivation and engagement, and Mo Kasti, founder and CEO of the nationally recognized Physician Leadership Institute will share positive, practical strategies for engaging the youngest generation entering healthcare.

By 2025, the generation of workers born between 1980 and 2000, also known as ‘millennials’ will make up the majority of the healthcare workforce. In fact, according to new research published in Health Affairs, millennials are entering the nurse workforce at nearly double the rate that boomers once were.

“It will be crucial for healthcare leaders to rethink their leadership styles and work environments to attract, engage and retain this generation of doctors, nurses and medical staff,” said Mo Kasti, CEO and Founder of CTI’s Physician Leadership Institute.

“As our population ages, we need to leverage the potential of this younger generation if we’re going to keep up with the demands of healthcare. It’s anticipated we will need 1 million more nurses in America by 2020 and a study by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts a shortage of 120,000 physicians by 2030.”

According to Dr. Bob, millennials are unique from any previous generation, especially in their technical abilities, attitudes, outlook, expectations of work, and values. Moreover, failure to engage this group will significantly limit the ability to hire these younger workers at a time when healthcare organizations will already be experiencing a shortfall of qualified candidates.

5 Myths to Physician BurnoutWhat You’ll Learn In This Webinar

This webinar will provide strategies for healthcare leaders to stay competitive now and in the coming years by adjusting to the life experiences and expectations unique to this generation. The subsequent changes will affect ALL employees as the way work gets done will become redefined for everybody.  Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Profile of Millennial Physician & What Makes Them Tick?
  • Key Personal & Cultural Influences
  • Events That Shaped the Millennial Perspective
  • How to Maximize Millennial Work Attributes
  • Leadership Skills for Engaging, Motivating & Retaining Millennials

All who attend the live webinar will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Bob’s best-selling book 1501 Ways to Reward Employees with a section on millennials and many applicable real-life examples. In addition, the first 100 registrants will also receive Dr. Bob’s latest book, 1001 Ways to Engage Employees. Register for the webinar now.

About Mo Kasti and the CTI Physician Leadership Institute

Mo Kasti is a distinguished author, thinker, speaker and strategy advisor. His passion centers around helping executive and clinical leaders elevate their thinking in times of transformation and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities. When terrains are shifting, and outcomes are uncertain, Mo is uniquely equipped to help leaders think outside the box. He is sought after for his expertise in strategy, innovation, growth, and organizational renewal.

Mo is the CEO and founder of the Center for Transformation and Innovation (CTI) and its nationally recognized Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) dedicated to accelerating healthcare transformation through leadership, strategy and innovation. PLI has educated thousands of clinician leaders and improved outcomes for hundreds of healthcare organizations and their patients. PLI offers a range of solutions for organizations of all sizes and budgets, including webinars, boot camps, fellowships, and coaching.

About Dr. Bob Nelson

is the leading authority on employee recognition, motivation, and engagement worldwide. He has worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations and 80 percent of the Fortune 500. He has sold 5 million books including: 1501 Ways to Reward Employees, The Management Bible, Recognizing & Engaging Employees For Dummies, among others, and has appeared extensively in the national media including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journaland CBS 60 Minutes. He received an MBA in organizational behavior from UC Berkeley and earned his PhD in management education with Dr. Peter Drucker, “The Father of Modern Management,” at the Drucker Graduate Management School of Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles where his dissertation focused on employee motivation in the healthcare industry.


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